Monday, February 26, 2007


vine wu tang la b'estival (29-1 iulie). care mergeti? :D

ps: info aici si aici, bilete aici

pps: cititi comentariile de la primul link :))

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Sunday, February 25, 2007



luata de pe


toyish salajanish












si dash dsp, pt cine stie:


iar ultimul, un tag bestial jck dat de ther:


Saturday, February 24, 2007

pulp fiction typography

genius, for the ones that dig pulp fiction truly:

wait a little so the movie can load (it takes awhile).

via boingboing


Monday, February 19, 2007

in salajan, vechi de multi ani

legal wall, aprobare de la concetatenii amabili :)) :








Friday, February 16, 2007

acab :)

o masina de patrulare este bombata, in ny. pacat ca nu e si pe youtube, trebuie sa intrati direct pe site-ul lor. asa ca, bagati mare aici.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

deck design for "za soda"

by snot of fb85 (i love it, btw):


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Monday, February 12, 2007

daily monster

ca tot vazusem pe feeder video-ul lui noper despre desenat zilele trecute, am gasit ceva pe wooster despre un tip care are un mod unic de a crea corpurile personajelor sale. il cheama stefan g. bucher si pana acum a scos cateva zeci de videoclipuri. urmeaza cateva (restul puteti sa le gasiti pe youtube):

breaking out

do you feel trapped? escape!

found on wooster

Friday, February 09, 2007

pink tank destruction

in ianuarie, tipii astia au asamblat un tanc cu patru tevi pe acoperisul unei cladiri din amsterdam.

acum cateva zile i-au atasat explozibili si l-au detonat:

cascadoria/ opera de arta face parte dintr-un proiect mai mare de-al lor, intitulat 'love, peace & terror'. gasiti detaliile pe site-ul de mai sus.

poza si articolul gasite pe ekosystem

atlas, cbs crew, los angeles

un filmulet de 10 minute despre atlas, un writer destul de longeviv din l.a.:

via whatyouwrite

teenagers from uranus

from ny we've got a new flick. trailer follows:

found via whatyouwrite

Thursday, February 08, 2007

busteni - predeal - brasov


















in continuarea articolului cu whole-trainul din nyc

de la asta,

ajungem la interviul de mai jos, luat de pe graffmuseum:

SASTER: Where is ‘Made You Look’ based?

MUL: Made U Look or MUL is originally a Chicago crew. We are not those guys. Most of the Graff writers on our team are from Brooklyn, a few from Manhattan, and the Bronx. All the guys know each other pretty well. Members vary in age, some aren’t even writers. On the DVD [coming out March 1st] we talk about how our crew hooked up and a little about each members past Graff experience. Some information is given on Internet promotion and who helped us with access to create the piece. We also discuss why we decided to use Made U Look NYC or MUL NYC, including an altercation in Chicago this past summer with one of our guys and Chicago MUL member and the meaning of the Monopoly man car.

SASTER: Has there been other productions like this one that Graff heads might not know about?

MUL: This is the first DVD release we did. Ideas of releasing a DVD started when we saw all of the conspiracy theories popping up. We were able to photo and video raw footage of the 10 cars and get access to the train afterwards to take nice clean shots in daylight. After releasing a few nice shots, everyone wanted the full story and raw footage to validate our claim. Knowing raw shots could cause legal action against us, we opted not to. The less we talked the more people kept talking. We have received email contacts from many different media agencies and simply declined comments.

SASTER: You have mentioned that you are going to auction off a DVD. Will you then release the same version to the public at some point?

MUL: We would love to release the DVD afterwards to the public but realized that by giving exclusive rights to an outside party may yield more money selling 1 copy then selling many copies at $20. Think about it, after someone got his or her hands on the video it would end up all over the Internet anyway, killing the value of the DVD. We’re gambling that this DVD could go for some good money if the media goes after the story.
With all of the attention that the MUL has been getting, they are making sure that they take full advantage of the opportunity to sell tee shirts as well. They informed me how well these items have been doing, and I am sure that there will be more items to come from the whole affair.

SASTER: Where can people cop a tee shirt from the MUL Crew?

MUL: Because there is too much pressure from law enforcement, we are no longer selling the shirts on the street. It’s just a bit too hot for us out there. We have been and still will be selling the shirts online. Serious thought and work has allowed us to do this without legal fallout.
There is no question in my head… these guys have it all planned out. They have captured an audience, but I am not sure where it is going to lead in the next episode. One thing I can tell you is that without a doubt….. they Made U Look!

All of the rules regarding the auction for the MUL DVD will be announced two weeks prior to its release.

gasiti articolul full size aici

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

saint pe langa herastrau

prin partea cu restaurantul daramat al nu stiu carui stab prin fotbal:


reverse graffiti

daca ati vazut vreodata o masina jegoasa pe care scrisese un copil cu degetul 'spala-ma' (sau 'spalama' in cele mai multe cazuri haha), atunci o sa intelegeti imediat despre ce e vorba aici. un brazilian din sao paolo s-a apucat sa creeze opere de arta, stergand praful din tunelele orasului sau, o initiativa urmata si de altii din restul lumii. fie ca foloseste pensule, pompe de aer sau doar o carpa, rezultatul e destul de uimitor, pe cat de simpla pare si ideea. gradul de ilegalitate? lasati-l pe gigi ofiter sa se gandeasca un pic, gaseste el ceva pt o amenda. cititi articolul in intregime aici.

pozele sunt luate de pe site-ul din link, articol gasit via graff news

Monday, February 05, 2007

caught these last days